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We were working with BMW-ORACLE during the AC32 Campaign when, in 2006, we were contacted by the Owner who wanted to build a very fast an exciting boat. Since we still had a year to go on the AC, I suggested to use that time to put a team together and do some sailing in a canting keel boat to confirm the brief for the future design. I linked the Owner with Moose Sanderson who was sailing ABN AMRO after the VOR and they both sailed together the Rolex Maxi Worlds in Sardinia onboard ABN. This confirmed the excitement and brief for the next boat, an offshore machine capable of beating the Transatlantic record.

She was therefore designed to sail above 20Kts without compromise for the light air since One can never beat a record in such conditions. Very well built by Coockson in NZ, she was launched in 2008 and immediately showed impressive performance during the Newport-Bermuda race. Unfortunately, the financial crisis hit almost at the same time and the Owner decided to skip sailing her for a while and she was put in a shed. George David took over in 2011 when she became Rambler 100 and did a very good campaign. She started at the Caribbean 600 establishing the race record that still stands today as well as line honors in the Transatlantic race and 2nd in handicap. Unfortunately, she suffered a keel damage while winning the Fastnet race which resulted in her capsize and retirement.

Unfortunately for legal reasons I cannot comment on the reason of the keel failure but I can say that I was happy when George David asked me to design his new boat, Rambler 88. In 2013 she was purchased by an Australian Owner and modified in Australia with a new keel and mast. Unfortunately, she never went back to the level of performance of 2011 but still managed to win the 2016 Sydney-Hobart and establish the present race record.


2016_ Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
Line-honours & Race Record