This Yacht was intended strictly as a ‘one-off’ racer designed without any rule constraints.

The carbon fiber hull of Maiden Hong Kong is extremely narrow with a maximum waterline beam of 3.46 meters, and extends to 8 meters on account of the wings. Each wing has the capacity to hold 5 tons of moveable water ballast used to provide additional righting moment to the canting keel as well as to alter the fore and aft trim of the boat.

Another feature of the boat is the rotating and canting mast which can be inclined up to 7 degrees and rotated up to 60 degrees each side.

The appendages of the boat comprise a lifting and canting keel system, a single rudder and a fixed forward foil. Instead of a conventional CBTF configuration Maiden Hong Kong has a fixed forward foil with trim-tab, which is not linked with the rudder. The bulb is made in tungsten representing almost half the size of a lead bulb of the same weight.