Krazy KYote


15.45 m


4.08 m


3.3 m


7.29 T


146.44 m2



Year of Launch


Back in 97-98 Juan Kouyoumdijan was sailing a lot as well, Juan was part of the french crew in the Corel 45 circuit. The boat was Owned by Ortwin Kandler with whom Juan always enjoyed sailing with because he knew how to combine sailing at the highest level and have a good time as well. At the time, his projects were federating the best inshore sailors in France.

It was in this environment that the idea to participate at the 1999 Admiral’s Cup came about and he decided to do an IMS 50’ which was the biggest of the 3 boats required to form a french team. Juan remembers when he asked Juan to design it, without hesitation, as if it was obvious that Juan should do it. Juan will always be grateful to him for giving him this opportunity. She was a full racing boat that had to rate under the IMS rule. So, the first thing Juan did was to study the rule which in essence was a VPP for which the source code was publicly available. At the beginning this was more of a computer/software project than design.

But when Juan realised the way the software was dealing with some aspects of the boat Juan showed Ortwin what a boat that exploited the rule would look like, with a self standing rig. He was very exited about it and gave Juan the go ahead to proceed. She was very well built in kevlar by Goetz in Rhode Island since carbon was very penalised by the rule.

The boat was launched very late but made it in time for the pre-regatta in Lymington. Albeit all the usual problems with boats of the innovative type, Juan got her to speed very quickly and was matching the performance of all the other direct competitors, Juan says: “I’d say sometimes even outperforming them. But the trick was in the rating, all other competitors gave us up to 25sec/mile which essentially meant she was unbeatable in corrected time which ultimately was what mattered.”

The consequence of the unfair reaction and politics that some of the other 50’ Owners exerted is history now and unfortunately the Admiral’s Cup is no more.