Groupama 4


21.5 m


5.69 m


4.5 m


14 T


299.28 m2


674.72 m2

Year of Launch


ERICSSON: From the success of ABN AMRO, Ericsson offered us to work exclusively with them and put together another big campaign with 2 boats. The Team had already entered the previous race and was rolling into this campaign under a very good and efficient structure run by Johan Salen, Richard Brisius and Magnus Olson. Since ABN AMRO decided not to continue, we merged both teams and Killian put together an amazing yard in the Headquarter campus of Ericsson in Stockholm.

Working exclusively with a big team was not vey popular with the new management of VOR so we suffered a lot of setbacks and rule changes during the process. Despite of all the efforts and unfair penalties imposed to us, we managed to come on top and win the race before the final leg.

Ericsson 3, skippered by Magnus Olson also performed very well and provided memorable moments such as winning the longest leg from China to Rio after starting 1 day behind everybody else. Both boats continue to race actively with remarkable results, Ericsson 3 became Maseratti and Ericsson 4 was used by Groupama as a training boat for the following VOR and now she is L4.