ClubSwan 80


24.70 m – 81.30 ft


6.00 m – 19,68 ft


4.7 m – 15,42 ft


19.210 kg  – 42.350,8 lbs


6.500 kg – 14.330,05 lbs

Year of Launch


My Song, the new ClubSwan 80, is a futuristic racer-cruiser designed to provide an adrenaline ride for an owner-driver in the Maxi yacht race circuit yet be suited to short cruising. Built by Persico Marine, the ClubSwan 80 is billed as the first in a new one-design class where owners can vie with each other on level pegging, as they do in smaller ClubSwan 36 and ClubSwan 50 designs.

“The ClubSwan80 design answers a specific brief: a fast Maxi optimised to race in the Mediterranean as well as offering accommodation to enjoy life at sea and fun shorthanded sailing,
The new model features a canting keel of 4.75m, which is proving to be a great compromise between having a very fast, deep keel while also allowing the yacht to enter into harbors and ports without any limitation.

The ClubSwan 80 has twin rudders and a canard. The very long, retractable bowsprit, together with the very light displacement related to the canting keel, makes the yacht a real monster downwind, providing an enormous amount of fun while sailing.


2023_ BOAT Design & Innovation Award, Best Naval Architecture, Sailing Yacht