ClubSwan 36


10.99 m 36 ft


10.64 m 34.91 ft

Beam max

3.60 m 11.8 ft


2.75 m 9 ft


2.720 kg 5.996 lbs

Displacement sailing

3.390 kg 7.474 lbs


1.104 kg to 1.111 kg 2.434 lbs to 2.449 lbs


Nanni Diesel10.3 kW @3600 rpm [14 cv]

Year of Launch


A sailboat is unique in the way it transforms free energy into motion, the more efficient this transformation of energy is, the more one access sensations and emotions that can only be felt in a sailboat, nowhere else. the connection between man and machine accesses via the helm and therefore it is fundamental that the steering system is balanced and sensible in away that the helmsman perceives such feelings and emotions. this is a central part of my designs, without it a sailboat loses its magic.

The new ClubSwan 36 is an innovative high performance yacht that has been developed using all the experience of Nautor’s ClubSwan Division and the detailed hydrodynamic and CFD studies of Juan Kouyoumdjian in a timeless authentic design. Working with the most qualified experts available and following a deep dedication to finding the edge between an incredibly fast hull, thanks to the latest available technology, and impeccable handling in every condition. The ClubSwan 36 is akin to a modern supercar, allowing you to reach exceptional limits in total control – the extraordinary sensation of surfing at over 20 knots in total safety needs to be experienced to be believed. The ClubSwan 36 allows an amateur sailor to reach extreme performances while racing strict One Design in tight competition.


2020_ Innovation Award at European Yacht of the Year