Naval Architecture review of Existing boats

Developing the full potential of a design is a demanding process. You can find some very interesting “opportunities” on the used market but it will be important to run a complete analysis to discover the full potential of an old design: Hull shape and structures are the core characteristics that needs to have a potential, most of the rest (appendages, sail plan, systems, deck layout and interior style) will be re-think from scratch. Our Computational Fluid Dynamics tools will support the design and location of some of the appendages or even simulate the overall dynamics behavior of the new design in 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom)
Further than a normal survey, we propose you to analyze and propose a full retrofit plan, before you get to buy an existing boat.

Some of our previous designs which requested our services:

  • VOR 70 “Black Jack” (ex Telefonica)
  • VOR 70 “Giacomo” (ex Groupama 4)
  • MAXI 100 « Speed boat »
  • TP52 « Team Origin »

Some other designs which requested our services:

  • J CLASS « Lionheart »
  • IMOCA 60 “PRB”
  • Wally 77 “Lyra”
  • VOR 70 “Puma Il Mostro”
  • ORMA 60 « Artemis »
  • IMOCA 60 « Veolia »
  • SLED 87’ « Pyewackect »
  • SLED 75’ « Borocay »
  • SLED 75’ « Jelik 2 »