The initial brief was to design an IMOCA 60ft to be used by a crew of 6-8 and never less than 2. We designed her to the limit of the stability within the rule with a deck and interior layout according to the brief. She was very fast when sailed in these conditions but in contrast with the initial brief she was mostly used for single handed racing and proved to powerful and heavy for a single person to handle.

When she became Hugo Boss, an attempt was done to sail her single handed and a new deck and mast was done by Alex Thompson. Unfortunately, she gained a lot of weight in this process and was never able to perform in such single handed conditions.

  • LOA18.28 m
  • Beam6.31 m
  • Draft4.5 m
  • Displacement9.47 T
  • UP W SAIL AREA336.78 m2
  • DOWN W SAIL AREA522.85 m2
  • Year of Launch2007

Following incarnations

Below are the following incarnations of this boat

Hugo Boss