From the previous inputs and further discussions with you on significant details, such as draft limitations, canting or lifting keels, size, or budget, this INITIAL BRIEF is produced.

The brief spells out the preliminary characteristics of the boat, in terms of key dimensions, underwater appendices, rig, deck layout, systems, and accommodations: the real design process can start from there.

It is not a sequential process but a one that needs at least 2 completed loops, in the 4 main fields of expertise:

Concept and Design: “where the main parameters and the style are balanced”

Engineering and structural: “where the balance between weight and resistance are calculated, as well as the needed systems”

Naval architecture & Performances prediction: “Balance, stability, flotation etc. all the pure architecture characteristics are measured and predicted”

Specifications and drawings: “All the 3D and 2D drawings/models needed by the boat builder, materials and systems suppliers to bring the whole package together.  Between equipment lists, piping diagrams, hydraulic schematics, electrical drawings, instrumentation diagrams, and detailed component specifications, we are looking at hundreds of engineering/design documents, each of them critical to the success of the project.”
This Design Spiral process, which involves several revisions/validations and a lot of work for our people, enables us to converge to a solution where the target performance, weights, and structural requirements have been thoroughly validated.
During this process, we gave you and your project manager the opportunity to give input at several key moments.

Juan-K office will assist you in picking the right construction team and suppliers.