3D Model structures and weight:
3D modelling is vital for any project that relies on the analysis of different candidate shapes and structural solutions by different methods of simulations such as FEA and CFD.

2d and 3d

The quality of the results of such analysis requires a state of the art modelling software. We use Pro/Engineer and CATIA as a central 3D tool that serves as the origin of all geometrical inputs for the FEA and CFD analysis. Furthermore, MAAT is used for the design of hull shapes and hydrostatic and stability calculations.

In-house software called CONDOR has been developed to perform a very accurate weight and centre of gravity estimation based on variable parameters such as hull shape, canting angle, rig configuration, weight, etc.

From this very 3D accurate model, will be extracted all the 2D deliverables needed for the boat yard to build the yacht.

As described in our Design Spiral process, it is very common that each drawings gets to be revised at least 3 times.